v-ETHOS 2021


Knowledge Series

- CTO lectures focusing on ICT applications to start-ups
- Entrepreneurship lectures focusing on start-ups after COVID-19
- Entrepreneurship and sustainable development webinar
- Sharing prosperity through technology partnership webinar

Business Mentoring & Tech Partnership

- ‌1:1 business mentoring with mentors currently working in Korean investment fund industry
‌- Chance of having joint-venture support with Korean deep-tech start-ups

Business Gallery

 Networking with global start-ups across the world

Demo Day

‌- Demo day with panelists from Venture Capital and opportunities to get investment and feedback


‌Other session‌ schedule will be uploaded as soon as the schedule decided

Mentoring Sessions 

‌Tech Partnership Sessions



‌Clusters based on Time Zone for reference

‌Cluster 1 : Burkina Faso(BF), Cote d’Ivoire(CI), Morocco(MA), Algeria(DZ), Tunisia(TN), Cameroon(CM)
Cluster 2 : Lebanon(LB), Rwanda(RW), West Bank and Gaza(WBG), Ethiopia(ET), Georgia(GE)
Cluster 3 : Cambodia(KH), Lao PDR(LA)